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  • Why do I want to buy from Crescent Box Corporation?

    This is the most frequently asked question we receive, and the answer is simple: Diversity.  Having a company like Crescent Box Corporation as your supplier puts you and your company in a great position to buy competitively with a lot of options that can only be offered by a company like CBC. We do what others don’t or won’t. We find customized ways to meet your needs.

    And when we say customized, we mean it—the number of options available to meet your needs is virtually endless. We understand it’s about you and your needs and not about restrictions or minimums. Our team of manufacturers understands this as well. That’s what makes us a leader in our industry, and why you, the customer, can absolutely feel confident that your packaging needs—from boxes to plastics to equipment—will always be taken care of by our team of professionals.

  • Do you offer warehousing?

    The answer is yes. Most of our clients who require warehousing are buying on a regular basis and need room for finished product. But we’ve found that warehousing can also be a money saving idea, depending again on your application.

  • Isn’t a box just a box?

    No. A box can be so much than just something to hold your products. A box can bring added value to almost any company that uses boxes for shipping almost any product. Not only do boxes protect your products, they can also be used to advertise your products. There is added value. For example, when a pizza shop goes from a generic, plain pizza box to a 1 or 2-color branded box with a coupon on the lid, the box gains added value for the pizza shop and allows them to offer more than just great pizza to their customers. Yes, a box can do its job as a plain brown box for shipping, but is your box giving you full value or is there another way to look at it?  We think there is always another way to look at it, and this is why we believe that no box is “just” a box. 

  • Do you have a website and email address?

    This is a question that we hear at almost every sales call. And the answer is yes. But while we feel the internet is a necessity and also a useful tool, the way we got here is by a personal handshake and frequent contact with our customers. There is something to be said about a sales person you have come to rely on who shows up at your door with the proper tools to provide you with the answers you’re looking for. We do understand the Internet and the needs of our ever-changing industry. E-mail and contact information can all be found with a simple click.

  • What packaging materials are available for me?

    We have numerous styles and grades of materials. From the thinnest of chip to triple wall corrugated, we can match your needs. Just fill out our form and provide your contact information and we can get started for you right away. Here are some grades that are most popular.

    We can supply corrugated board in many different thicknesses or heights by using different flutes, which are the reinforcement that makes up the board. Flutes run parallel to the depth of the container and give it its rigidity and crushing/stacking strength.

    A general rule is that thicker flutes such as B and C provide greater strength and cushioning, while smaller flutes like E are better for printing and easier to fold. The flutes most commonly used are:

    • B flute
    • C flute
    • E flute
    • B/C double wall

    You can choose many colors for your boxes. Common choices are Kraft (brown), Oyster White, Bleach White. We can also provide you with labels and do printing in as many as 6 colors on Solid Bleached Sulfate SBS.

    Corrugated boxes are available in many levels of strength. Some that we regularly supply are Singlewall 125, Singlewall 150, Singlewall 200, Doublewall 275, and Doublewall 350.

  • What is the Edge Crush Test?

    Because much of today’s corrugated board is made from recycled material to save trees, the Edge Crush Test has become the industry standard, replacing the virgin test. The Edge Crush Test is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength of corrugated board, and it is a true performance test related to the stacking strength of a carton. To assure you that your corrugated materials are the right strength for your requirements, we run many combinations to meet your needs and save you money.

    Please note: National Motor Freight Carriers (NMFC) have requirements that you must meet if you want your package to be insured by the carrier.