Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is the packaging material that serves many brands and industries reliably and cost-effectively. Corrugated is strong and customizable for almost every packaging need. Corrugated provides a strong cushion for and keeps products safe during shipping and handling. Corrugated is also a very sustainable resource. In fact, in 2014, 89.5 percent of corrugated boxes were recycled. That’s a lot of recycling because in 2015, the corrugated industry shipped 368.6 billion square feet of products.

Crescent Box Corporation is an important member of the corrugated industry. We have teamed with a variety of manufacturers to provide numerous varieties of corrugated containers, die cuts, displays and supply sheets. We also offer our customers many other services to help them with all of their packaging requirements.

Here are just a few samples of corrugated box styles we offer:

Regular Slotted Box (RSC)

Center Special Slotted Box (CSSC)

Overflap Slotted Box (OSC)

Full Flap Slotted Box (FFSC)

Half Slotted Box with Cover (HSC)

Double Wall Slotted Box

Double Cover Box

Design Box with Cover

Telescope Design Box

Single and Double Lined Slide Boxes

Triple and Double Slide Boxes

Five Panel Folder